Pacho & Pepo – Life Rules – Kepi’s ReMix

This track is so good so I could not resist throwing a version in here. Thanks to Pacho & Pepo, Cloning Sound and all the other artists here who put their heart and soul into their music!


Chunk – At Night Remix

Chunk: @chunkmusic


Dolphin Friendly Tunage is an independent record label focusing primarily on house music.

Their focus is primarily on quality over quantity and they aim to consistently deliver the best house and techno. Their releases are provided through all the major digital music stores and in the near future on vinyl.


SHEPS – LaLaLa Remix

This is a new remix I just completed. The original is by SHEPS, which is Jamie Sheppard out of Vancouver. Bc, Canada. The original is available on is a massive tech house jam featuring some killer vocals. Hope you enjoy my version. This is part of a remix comp. Kontakt Records is hosting.

Here is a little video I put together.


Breakbeat Mix – Bacon Beats – Booty Bass Makes a Case

Bacon Beats Breakbeat Mix by Kepi on Mixcloud

Ok ya’ll, You got to peep this new breakbeat mix I did. I love these tracks. I personally have been listening to them non-stop. So I put together a continuous booty bass mix of Stanton Warriors, DJ Icey, & More! Download is now available…for FREE: BACON BEATS DOWNLOAD. I will post the track list here soon. Just in time for Spring, I highly suggest downloading this stuff ASAP and playing this mix in the car with the windows down.

This is the sound I am really into right now. I really always have been. Gettin’ back to my roots so to speak. For me breaks invoke more emotion from me and makes me want to boogie where ever I am.


Matt Tolfrey Beatport Remix Contest

Voting Is Now Over. Thanks to you who voted!

Matt Tolfrey Beatport Remix Contest

OK everybody, here is your chance to launch my tune to the top. I just finished a new track for a remix contest on Beatport. First one I have entered, on Beatport that is. I have another track out there currently but I have to wait until judging to release it. We will get back to that one sometime next month. Right now though the current track for you to listen to is MATT TOLFREY – THE SPOOKS FEAT. KEVIN KNAPP remix by myself that I call the KEPI’S BASS-DOWN MIX. I actually ran into quite a few technical issues while making this track so needless to say I would have liked to work on it more but hey this is what I came up with.

So you have to be logged in to vote but Beatport is a great place to find new artists, music and news about the dance culture. Thanks in advance for your vote!



Dance Tracks from DJ Kepi for Charity

Original Dance Tracks from DJ Kepi

The dance tracks above that have the buy link next to them are from my back catalog and currently half of the proceeds are going to Beat Making Lab.
If you would like to download Re-Emergence, you can do so exclusively from my store:

Music can be such a huge release and inspiration for people of all walks of life. I am proud to be part of helping to put music in places in might otherwise not be. Music should be available to anyone & everyone! Let’s join together and help put music in the hands of all!


Brunch Beats – A Breakbeat Mix from Dj Kepi

Brunch Beats by Kepi on Mixcloud

This is great mix of brunch beat breakbeats to get yo ass shaking!

These sounds represent what I feel to be some of the best artists on the scene right now (and I must say there are so many). So I chose to showcase more of the breakbeat sound with a side of house. Shouts out to Stanton Warriors, Deekline, Riva Starr, Mark Starr, LouLou Players, Drumattic Twins, Ed Solo, Kolombo, Roy Davis Jr., DJ Tameil & Mafia Kiss for producing some of the sickest breakbeats around!

If you like Brunch Beats…….
Here is another new breaks mix you will like: Bacon Beats