Sixth sign of the zodiac. Second earth sign & second sign to be ruled by Mercury. Very analytical, careful and orderly. Represents the need of all for a systematic approach to the concerns of existence. ‘Can be conceived symbolically as bringing diffused energies down to earth & grounding them.’
In human terms, Virgo can be likened to the efforts of the adult ego to provide structure to life & through well-ordered service to make a significant contribution to the world. Strong moral tendencies, a serious image, and indeed only certain forms of humor appeal to it. Discriminating to fault and highly selective concerning most forms of human experience. Future is primary focus. ‘Tend to take things literally.’ Virgos often make silent demands expecting that their needs will be met without having to state them verbally. Pictured as being modest, even prudish, but many can drop a more conventional moral stance, ‘express their feelings & desires without restraint.’ Still, this freedom which they grant themselves is rarely allowed to get out of control. The key to their confidence is in their understanding of how to reduce tasks to a system, or through practice to overcome technical obstacles.

Jeff Pederson Has Been A DJ And Producer For Over 15 Years In The Northwest Region Of The US. Jeff Discovered Music Early On In Life. As Most Teenagers His Passion Led Him To The Strobe Of Techno, Breakbeat, Electro And Dub, But Growing Up Jeff Was Surrounded By Music. With Both Of His Parents Having Musical Backgrounds Jeff Had A Perfect Gift. A Natural Talent Was Shaped As A Baby, Touring With His Dad’s Band. At Age 9 He Took Formal Piano Lessons. When He Turned 11 He Picked Up The Violin. At 16 The Guitar Became The Next Expression Of His Slow Baked Talent. In 1992 Jeff Was Introduced To The Ultimate Instrument, The Turntable, By Way Of His Friends DJ JFunk And Dustin Alexander. DJ Kepi Was Born. Kepi’s DJ Style Is A Direct Reflection Of Him And His Upbeat Attitude. A Decade Later He Emerged With A Perfect Ear And A Lust For Production.


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