DJ Sets For Download from DJ Kepi

DJ Kepi

DJ Kepi has a great amount of DJ sets for download here. Available so you can burn your own CD for play in your car or other places.


Download Get On The Dancefloor

Download Dope Beats To Step To

Download Persistence is The Test of My Life

Download New Chance Romance Mix

Download SToveTopBEats

Download N2.Radio Mix


DJ mix or DJ set is a sequence of musical tracks typically mixed together to appear as one continuous track. DJ mixes are usually performed using a DJ mixer and multiple sounds sources, such asturntables, CD players, digital audio players or computer sound cards, sometimes with the addition of samplers and effects units, although it’s possible to create one using sound editing software.

When a DJ set is recorded onto some medium, it is referred to as a mix tape. When it is produced live, it is called a live set.

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