Matt Tolfrey Beatport Remix Contest

DJ Kepi
Voting Is Now Over. Thanks to you who voted!

Matt Tolfrey Beatport Remix Contest

OK everybody, here is your chance to launch my tune to the top. I just finished a new track for a remix contest on Beatport. First one I have entered, on Beatport that is. I have another track out there currently but I have to wait until judging to release it. We will get back to that one sometime next month. Right now though the current track for you to listen to is MATT TOLFREY – THE SPOOKS FEAT. KEVIN KNAPP remix by myself that I call the KEPI’S BASS-DOWN MIX. I actually ran into quite a few technical issues while making this track so needless to say I would have liked to work on it more but hey this is what I came up with.

So you have to be logged in to vote but Beatport is a great place to find new artists, music and news about the dance culture. Thanks in advance for your vote!


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